Datum Plane - Show Me The Way - CD

Datum Plane - Show Me The Way - CD


Datum Plane - Show me the way

1) Listen to yourself
2) Anchor
3) Wonderful
4) Show me the way
5) Our Love
6) Lighthouse

Datum Plane are a four-piece acoustic indie band from Cambridge and London, drawing on three part harmonies to create a unique sound. Their debut single 'I believe' holds the record for longest consecutive weeks at No.1 in the Cambridge Unsigned Chart. Their debut music video Lighthouse probably would have won NMG Awards best music video had their been a category (according to host Tim Willet!) Winners of the Artist Development Prize they have most recently been putting out their 3 part Live Lounge Sessions recorded by Golden Ratio Productions and Cream Room.

NMG Awards 2015 Artist Development Prize
NMG Awards 2015 Nominated Best Acoustic Act
NMG Awards 2016 Artist Development Prize
NMG Awards 2016 Nominated Best Acoustic Act

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