Psychic Lemon -

Psychic Lemon -


Psychic Lemon - Self Titled.
Self Proclaimed "Psych, Psychedelic, Krautfunk krautrock, words that haven't been invented yet" Cambridge ensemble offer up a psyche record worthy of the following praise:

“An album fit for the title of most stupendous psych release so far this year.” -- Echoes and Dust

“A really confident and accomplished debut” -- Psych Insight / Backseat Mafia

“This is an astounding debut album” -- Atom Heart Mutha

“Awesomely good psychedelic/krautrock stuff that is filled with groove and oozes class.” “An exceptional album.” -- Dayz of Purple and Orange

“For anyone into krautrock, or anything psychedelic, Psychic Lemon is a must buy.” -- The Shrieks From Below

“100% recommend to every fan of progressive rock.” -- New Underground Music

“The final track ‘Horizon’ is more than ten minutes of many of the elements from the rest of the album, woven into a widescreen psychedelic spectacular.” -- Cambridge Music Reviews

"Disguised as a mixture of mainly Krautrock and Funk, spiced with a variety of stylistic elements, it is in truth a space adventure, a psychedelic, funkadelic, groovy trip." -- The Wicked Lady

"Psychic Lemon turns this sonic monster into a psychedelic blues injected hellraiser" -- Turn Up the Volume!


released March 4, 2016 


1) TickTock
2) Death Cult Blues
3) Good Cop Bad Cop
4) Analogue Summer
5) Dilator
6) Horizon

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